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The words we use to search for things change over time. Sometimes this is as a result of SEO Companies developing words they rank for and pushing them into peoples minds. Digital Marketing Agency is one such example. When Google first started to dominate; it used to be Search Engine Optimisation; eventually this was shortened to SEO and now we have terms based around Agency, Digital, Media & Marketing (OK Internet Marketing has always been there!)

Digital Marketing Agency Portsmouth

Now with all of these changes to peoples search routines, I find myself having to adapt should I ever want clients. To do this I needed to create something where I just might get a share of the spoils; hence this tag that collects all the posts associated with Digital Marketing Agency (Portsmouth).

Tag I hear you say. Yes; I could have created a simple page that would attack the aforementioned term, however this, like most pages on the website, is a test page. Should I wish to write more about DMA (acronym used to keep the keyword density deliberately lower) then the posts will show up here to create a list of relevant content. One problem SEO's cause is too much content of a similar nature based on slight changes in keywords. By using a tag; hopefully I will not fall into that trap; however if you look around the website, you will see that at times I already have!

Anyhow; on to the articles about...almost slipped up there by adding another post; I won't write it again!