SEO Coach

WTF SEO is a Portsmouth based SEO Consultancy who helps clients achieve their goals by acting as an SEO Coach. Small fixes will be free though I do offer a regular service from just £30 a month.

Ask yourself this: Is using SEO Consultancy Services expensive? WTF SEO is run by an SEO Consultant who finds ways to get you noticed for less than you might think!

However am I any good? Well the chances are you found me by searching for SEO Portsmouth or some other search related term and are based in this area of Hampshire. SEO is changing all the time and the only way I can prove I am is by being high for my local search terms.

SEO Coach

The philosophy of WTF SEO is to work mainly as an SEO Coach to empower you with knowledge and to help you attract website visitors thereby ultimately new business for as little as is possible; often for no fee whatsoever. What better way is there to gain a return on investment?

SEO Consultant

Having worked in the SEO industry for a number of years, WTF is more than just an SEO Consultant. During this time I have learned what not to do! Which is as important as knowing how to gain rankings within Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm.

SEO Rates (Fees)

After much deliberation I am working on a scheme were I only charge £30 a month for clients wishing to retain me. The fee covers admin fees, reports, simple Q&A’s and small pieces of work.

If your website requires regular or a little more hands on work; then a fee of £14.89 per hour will be charged. This is roughly the UK’s average wage and the rate will be rounded up to the nearest quarter of an hour.

More details can be found on the page covering SEO Rates.


The world of SEO is full of SEO Consultants & Companies who are good at what they do!

HOWEVER; for every one person who is good; there are hundreds who use poor SEO techniques in order to try and gain quick results that may hurt their clients in the future.

What is WTF SEO?

This website was going to be a blog about poor SEO; then I decided to turn it into a test website; then a business website attacking search related terms and now…? WTF SEO will be used for two main purposes; firstly for me acting as an SEO Consultant. Secondly a place where I can help others by highlighting their mistakes and show examples of poor SEO that is being carried out by companies who should know better.

No SEO Job is too Small

I firmly believe that no job is too small and will act as an SEO Expert for almost anyone who needs help. Obviously as long as their website is not too risqué! However I have now changed my pricing structure…well I no longer have one.

I Also want to Help the Small Guy With Local SEO

Although I have had success with large companies attacking major search terms; I am looking to help the small guy who wants; or rather needs to rank high within their town or city. By working with localised search terms I can keep my price to a minimum; in fact to nothing; except expenses and perhaps a donation!

I will be updating a couple of pages shortly to reflect this; so to find out out how much it would cost for Small Business SEO, just check out the page showing my SEO Consultant Rates.

Consultancy Catchment Area

Dare I say the whole country? Well in this day and age you need to be flexible however my preferred catchment area is in and around Hampshire; Berkshire; London; Surrey & West Sussex. I have placed Hampshire before Berkshire as I live there and not because I don’t know my alphabet.

I will initially be seeking clients who want SEO in Portsmouth followed by Havant; Waterlooville and Petersfield before moving to Aldershot; Chicheter; Fareham; Gosport; Guildford; London; Southampton & Woking.

An SEO Expert in Various Niches

I have a lot of experience within search; though not necessarily an expert in all of them (except in terms of SEO); here are a few diverse niches I have worked in:

Travel SEO

One area I excel in is travel SEO; in the past I have created two separate websites that have reached the top 5 for cheap cruises; a third is currently on its way. I once even overtook Royal Caribbean in the UK for the term Royal Caribbean; I sold the website soon afterwards.

Mobility Scooters

Once asked to supply leads to a network of mobility scooter agents, I created a website that ranked in the top three in 468 towns in the UK; over 350 of them were number one positions! Again I sold the website to the client and it has never been the same since!

Moroccan Tiles

One former client was number one in Google for 5 years for Moroccan tiles after I had spent just three hours working on his website. In the last year or so they have dropped due to a website redesign; I suggested a fix to them and once again they are back on page one.

Tantric Massage

I was once asked to teach a group of ladies who offered Tantric massage to clients on how to optimise their website; now they are saving over £600 a month (or a couple of clients) by not needing an seo consultant to do their optimisation. They were number one for numerous London based terms and asked me to return to them as they were so impressed with me! I am one of only a handful of men who has walked out of a knocking shop with more money than I went in with!

Current Work

The WTF SEO Consultancy has now started work on a series of cruise ship related websites; these are for use by a client in the travel industry to help them; or rather try to help them gain leads.


Made some changes to the title tag for WTF SEO and it has caused a small drop in the search engines; this only goes to show how easy it is to mess up search results when you are just messing around! However I do now tend to use this website to help me understand what will work for you. The aforementioned drop to wtfseo is now being corrected…

Contacting WTF for Consulting Purposes

You can now contact WTF SEO for consulting purposes; or any other reason via the contact page; so if you would like to discuss anything associated with the consultancy; go ahead and fill it in. The niches mentioned above are a sample of what I have worked in; saying that SEO is nigh on the same for all niches so I am confident that whatever it is you do; I can help.

Contact Details

Telephone: +447426891328
Address: 16 Buckingham road, Petersfield; Hampshire. GU32 3AZ. GBR

Contact Details

Telephone: +447426891328
Address: Building 1000, Western Road, Lakeside North Harbour, Portsmouth; Hampshire. PO6 3EZ; Well hopefully one day!. GBR