• SEO Consultant / SEO Coach

    SEO Consultant / SEO Coach


The world of SEO is full of SEO Consultants & Companies who are good at what they do!

HOWEVER; for every one person who is good; there are hundreds who use poor SEO techniques in order to try and gain quick results that may hurt their clients in the future.

What is WTF SEO?

I want to change this; instead of just offering a service as an SEO Consultant; I will now be acting more as an SEO Coach (Mentor).

Previously this was a business website for attracting clients; now it is mainly a blog about poor SEO.

SEO Consulting / Coaching

As an SEO Consultant / SEO Coach I will:

  • Help you learn how to rank for your localised search terms.
  • Help you understand why your website is not working.
  • Advise you on the current "Best Practises" to keep your website safe from penalties and keep you updated with news from the world of SEO.
  • Never charge more than the Living Wage, currently £9.15ph (+expenses)

SEO Coaching Updates

I will be posting some updates about the work I do as an SEO Coach; or rather the mentioning I am giving here.

SEO Consultant Updates

I will also be adding details about some consulting work I have been doing here!

At the bottom of this page I have added some of the old pages of the website; these are in case I ever switch back to offering a full consultancy service again. So ignore them!

The old front page for SEO Consultant can be found here...

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